Subject :# 14217 Poesia Inglesa desde el siglo XVIII Grupo A 

Student´s name: Fortea Moreno, Sara

Title of the paper: Anarchism and other Political and philosophical thoughts in Percy Shelley´s works

Author or topic: Percy Bisshe Shelley

Abstract: The second paper is focused on anarchism in the whole Percy Shelley ´s work and I have also included more political and philosophical thoughts apart from the concept of anarchy; you can look the introduction where it is explained how this paper was going to work. First of all it is provided Shelley´s life and an explanation on his most important works, and also the people who influenced  him; there is also a chronology on Shelley´s life and an essay contextualizing Shelley. After you have read this, you can look up some of his political and philosophical thoughts present in `Reading early Shelley´where it is also included the poem Alastor (which is generally viewed as Shelley´s first mature poem) and The Devil´s walks, or you can find how these thoughts are manifested in his early editorial experience where it is included the poem Queen Mab. You can also see essays on specifically thoughts as socialism in Shelley ( where you read the poem Prince Athanese) or essays made by Shelley: The necessity of the atheism or The declaration of rights. To finish with, a conclusion is also provided.

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Academic year 2010/2011
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Sara Fortea Moreno

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