Posted by saformo on 15 octubre 2012

This paper is going to be focused on the specific of how George Orwell described society and politics in his book Animal Farm, he identified himself with socialist ideas, but however he reflects in most of  his books and Animal Farm is not an exception that he was sick of society, every society becomes corrupted with power, so the perfect society seems to be impossible. George Orwell had a distopian idea of society. We´ll also develop the historical and political background to understand such a book as Animal Farm and we´ll also deal with the themes of the book amd an analys of the animal characters of the book, as every kind of animal represents someone concrete in a society, for example the blackbird in Animal seems to represent the church. Have a look through the links and you will find out that some characters even can have a specific representant, is Animal Farm describing a pessimistic point of view of revolutions such as the Russian one ?? Maybe we can understand the themes of the book through the blog.