Posted by saformo on 8 diciembre 2012

Snowball has been compared ferquently with Trotsky; he creates comitees, he teaches other animals how to read and write , and he look for masures to improve the animals´ quality of life. He represents the inicial ideals of the rebelion. His intelligence will be his downfall because it collides with the lack of charisma and intellect of Napoleon, and as the novel developes, the differences between both bosses start to come out until Snowball has to leave to safe its life.

Through manipulation, Napoleon will turn Snowball into a coward and then into a traitor, he convince the rest of animals and he addopts total control over the farm, using violence and fearness as  method to achieve honour and respect, the rest turns into a secondary roll. Napoleon is not interested in revolution, Animalism or the defense of the  farm rights, what gains importance in his mind is his power to controll the rest of the animals. Napoleon imposes obidiency, enthusiams and admiration through threats of death and punishment.

As time goes by after revolution, the rest of the animales in the farm learn that rebeling against the established only has bad consequences, so they learn to shut up.

To understand the situation inside the farm, it is necessary to consider the balance of power. Napoleon is the farm because he has the absolute controll of it, internally he is a powerful leader, and their guarantee of freedom. But truth is that this freedom has been misunderstood as a consequence of the manipulation from Napoleon of the concept of freedom. The real freedom is their liberation from their yukes and the aspiration to Animalism, but Napoleon manipulates freedom and he establishes that freedom means their liberation from Mr. Jones.

Napoleon wears of the medals created by the animals and he awards himself with honarable titles, he speaks from a platform, and sleeps in separated rooms etc … but it os a divinity that he creates for his own.

Napoleon manipulated the story and information by giving inflated sums of production, restricting will and manipulating the past for his own interests. The most notable proof of that is the change on the commandments to justify his actions, he changes their past to adapt it to present times, and thanks to the short life of animals and the coming of new animals to the farm, the meaning of the revolution gradually looses its meaning; as they have not known any different type of government they adopt that one as something normal and Animalism looses its meaning.

In short instance, the farm is a totalitarian regime with a piramidal structure with a boss that is considered as a God.