Posted by saformo on 9 diciembre 2012

In this paper I have chosen three well-known authors and one of its most representative works. I would like to show through the links how these authors reflected his utopian or anti-utopian or dystopian ideas in their works. We know beforehand that Marx and Engels are representatives of the utopic socialism, and I will explain their thoughts  they want to show in their significant work, then as the oposition of their ideas we will study the themes of Animal Farm by G. Orwell and Lord of the flies by W. Golding. These authors are known as anti-utopian authors, and I will try to show why their utopic vision of society developes from a perfect civilized society to a society where the individual  is not seen as a whole, but each one of them put their own interests first, to take profit of others.The interesting thing about the three of them is that we will see how the utopian dream that Marx and Engels fought to achieve, is portrayed around 50 years later when Orwell and Golding wrote their works. Through the different posts I will show how the utopian dream that Marx and Engels explained in the Manifesto will develope into a dystopian society, especially in G.Orwell´s work, Animal Farm. With a post regarding Animal Farm we can maybe undestand why his revolution in Animal Farm is frequently compared with the Rusian Revolutiom