Subject : #14206 Literatura Anglesa i Discurs Polític –

Student´s name: Fortea Moreno, Sara

Title of the paper: Criticism of politics and society through Animal Farm

Author or topic: George Orwell

Abstract: This paper will focuse on the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Here is the introduction where I explain how the paper is going to be. To understand the themes of the book a biography of George Orwell and a biographical sketch with the facts that more influenced his writings are provided.

Animal Farm was published in 1945 after having difficulties to find a publisher for his book as it shows the excerpts from Orwell´s letters to his agent  and  the consequences of writing Animal Farm.Most critics think it can be seen as a pollitical allegory of the Rusian Revolution and Stalin, although it can reflect any political revolution, to find out why he wrote Animal farm, it is important to know about the historical context of the book and the background of  it.

Orwell was a socialist, but he reflects the disatisfaction of society and politcs through the characters in Animal Farm and in most of his works, he is a representative of distopian authors, his view of the future world is a world full of imperfections.  Imperfections of the present will be worsened in the future and the perfect society for George Orwell seems impossible as people or animals in the case of Animal farm get corrupted with power, every one thinks individually and not collectively for the sake of society. He reflects the repulsiveness of the society, as a distopian author he represents the disillusionment of politics and society. After the paper a conclusion is provided.


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Academic year 2012/2013
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