Subject : #14206 Literatura Anglesa i Discurs Polític –

Student´s name: Fortea Moreno, Sara

Title of the paper: Utopian dream vs. dystopian reality: The Communist Manifesto vs. Animal Farm and Lord of The flies.

Author or topic:  K. Marx and F.Engels, George Orwell and William Golding.

Abstract: This paper will explain how the concept of utopia is developed in one of the main works of these three authors: Marx and Engels, Orwell and Golding. If you want to know why I chose them for my paper and how it is estructured click on introduction , then look to these basic concepts in order to understand the themes of the Communist Manifesto where their ideas of utopic socialism are exposed, then as the opposite vision of utopia you can see the themes of Lord of the Flies and Animal farm and an analysis of its two main characters, Snowball and Napoleon, so you can compare the different vision of future that these authors show on their different works:  Communist Manifesto, Animal Farm and Lord of the flies

After the reading of the posts you can look up at my conclusion where I give a brief compilation of the differences and similarities of these authors and where it comes clear why we refer to the Communist Manifesto as an utopian text and Animal Farm or Lord of the flies as dystopian novels.

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Academic year 2012/2013
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Sara Fortea Moreno


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